100in1Day Halifax


100in1Day is an international festival celebrating civic engagement where citizens in cities around the world take action to collective create the city that they want to live in, all on the same day. In Halifax, COLAB coordinated 100in1Day in 2016 by supporting a core leadership team to host workshops in various community hubs around Halifax.  The workshops helped community members connect over shared passions and develop ways to create change they wanted to see in their neighbourhoods. On June 4th, 2016, 75 projects launched across the city from interactive street painting on the waterfront, to public art exchanges, swing dance lessons, and much more!

Read more about it here: https://halifax.100in1day.ca/

Check out the STORIFY to see more. 


100in1 Day Festival interview on CBC

Faith in government not enough to protect our environment: Climate town hall a chance to demand real action.

Traditional sauna put on wheels in Halifax's north-end


“[100in1Day] was such a beautiful day and I really enjoyed myself. Although I was only able to see a little piece of it, the day allowed people to see another side of Halifax and connect to one another in ways they would never have otherwise.”