Going Horizontal // 1 Day Workshop


We are thrilled to be welcoming Samantha Slade in Halifax to lead a workshop about develop your mindset & practices for non-hierarchical ways of working. Her recently published book, Going Horizontal, has been making waves around the world and has struck a chord with those who are seeking practices for working in teams and organizations in a "flat" and non-hierarchical way.

This 1-day training is a hands-on experience, where you will explore seven concrete practices for flattening hierarchy, and develop and expand horizontal ways of working. Rooted in practical application – tried and tested with organisations around the world – you will live the experience of truly working with shared leadership and develop practices and tools that can immediately be put to use.

Check out www.goinghorizontal.co to learn more about Samantha’s work, the university accredited Going Horizontal program, and other training opportunities.


Who is this for?

The Going Horizontal practices and tools are applicable, and have been integrated into, private sector organizations, start-ups, government, non-profits, community organizations, arts and cultural organizations, and co-ops. No matter what your role is, these sets of practices can help you work more effectively with others.

Your Hosting Team:

Samantha Slade, author, facilitator and social innovator (Percolab, Montreal)

Sophia Horwitz and Greg Woolner (COLAB, Halifax)

With the Support of the Regional Ecosystem Project at Inspiring Communities


May 6th

9:00am - 5:30pm

CLARI building at St Mary's Univeristy

Halifax NS

Building is wheelchair accessible

Lunch, coffee and snacks will be provided.


You can choose between traditional pricing or shared economy.

Traditional Pricing: $190+HST

Shared Economy: First instalment is $70+HST, and you commit to paying a second instalment that you will determine at the training.