summary reports, research papers, and toolkits

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Mainstreets toolkit 

This toolkit outlines our process for envisioning and capturing the potential of an area by mobilizing people to cultivate the beauty and spirit of their community.  The goal is to bring energy & resilience to the heart of our neighbourhoods through demonstration projects and long lasting initiatives.


placemaking Canada

Across Canada growing numbers of placemaking initiatives are changing the landscape while increasing citizen involvement in their communities. This report is an exploration of the needs of placemakers in Canada, the challenges they face, and actionable recommendations to strengthen and multiply their impact.

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Civic Commons Halifax

Civic commons are perhaps best understood as those places “where we do together what we can’t do alone.”  They are key public facilities such as libraries, markets, parks, recreation facilities, and public transportation, that provide a standard of living for all citizens. In this report we examine the state of the civic commons in Halifax, as part of a broader national research project of 10 major Canadian cities.