We piloted a process and created a toolkit for engaging community to activate under-utilized spaces in a neighbourhood and tap into the energy and capacity at the core of our towns and cities. The approach aimed to help citizens connect resources and opportunities, build community, and change the culture of development in a neighbourhood.  

We examined the user experience through several methods such as on-street engagement, community interventions, idea- crowdsourcing, online platforms, and awareness campaigns that culminated in a multi day experiential demonstration event.

The event celebrated the culture of the main street and showcased low-cost, low-risk, high-benefit prototypes of ideas for street and neighbourhood design that would support people in making healthy choices that support resilience while celebrating the character of the community.



1. Generate

Citizens re-imagine their main street and brainstorm ideas for great public space that encourages walking, biking, entrepreneurship and community pride.

2. Activate

Teams of citizens prototype action projects that activate their main street and embody the needs & identity of the neighbourhood.

3. Celebrate

Showcase all action projects in a street party that enables people to experience the full potential of a community designed main street and public space.

4. Lasting Impact

Citizens are aware of the roots of their neighbourhood, feel responsible for its future, and play an active role in its governance.


Our vision for Mainstreets

  • Compelling public space that reflects and strengthens the identity of the community
  • Safe, welcoming and accessible to all users
  • Balanced multi-modal mobility with a priority given to pedestrians and public transportation
  • A foundation for a thriving local economy

We want to support communities in developing and achieving their own vision of a healthy and sustainable neighbourhood and Mainstreet. Through identifying and assessing the land, buildings, existing resources, opportunities, and assets, a community is enabled to take better control of their future. Real, lasting change on the ground can happen when people take ownership of an issue where they live, work together to find practical solutions, and become the agents of change in their local community