Developmental Evaluation


COLAB uses Developmental Evaluation to support learning, innovation, and meaningful results.  


COLAB has provided Developmental Evaluation in several contexts including: development of training programs, setting of strategic directions for policy research, brand and product innovation, and social innovation initiatives.  Our evaluation methods are reflective and collaborative practices that capture team and project learnings, identify long term goals, gather stakeholder perspectives on major decisions, and prioritize action for the next iteration of development.


Recent developmental evaluation projects include:

- EcoFiscal Commission of Canada, mandate review

- Donner Canadian Foundation, impact assessment of Atlantic Canadian NGOs working on marine conservation

- NouLAB, program evaluation and development of the Economic Immigration Lab

- HeartWood Centre for Community Youth Development, program evaluation


"Organizations and Initiatives that are innovative are often in a state of continuous development and adaptation, and they frequently unfold in a changing and unpredictable environment. This intentional effort to innovate is a kind of organizational exploration. The destination is often a notion rather than a crisp image, and the path forward may be unclear. Much is in flux: the framing of the issue can change, how the problem is conceptualized evolves and various approaches are likely to be tested. Adaptations are largely driven by new learning and by changes in participants, partners and context."   Jamie A.A. Gamble  


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